Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rubber Stamping Workshop

It's quite uncommon to have such workshops in Singapore. I get envious whenever I see fun workshops from overseas blogs. So when I found out that Fictive Fingers does workshops, I jumped at one almost immediately!
It's a 2-hour workshop at their new studio in Chinatown. I get to bring home 2 carving tools, 1 large rubber block, my stamped A3 paper and a strip of linen fabric, and of course my completed stamp.

 a hugeeeeee blackboard at the staircase landing. it's beautiful!

I did a sorta medium-sized stamp. I doodled the leaf just this morning, after looking at some craft blogs for inspiration.
 Using fabric paint on linen cloth... I'm hoping to explore this for my pouches and totes :)

Using stamp ink on paper...

I liked the workshop! It's great to meet and chat with a fellow crafter (Hani) who takes her work seriously. Fictive Fingers is involved in Handmade Movement Singapore, and I hope you can support them!
Check out their facebook!

love, n

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