Sunday, May 19, 2013

What happens on Sundays

So this is me, on a Sunday, putting in some effort to making my Facebook Page look a little more decent than the big mess that it is now. My man made a small lightbox for me, which makes my photos look a tiny bit more professional.
Haha, I think this set up looks funny.
Anyway, I kinda have a big collection of fabrics AND they are all over my room... So this is gonna take a while. I have only just uploaded 11 new images to my Fabrics album and I gotta run to town to get some supplies for some orders!

All this time, Lipton accompanies me by sleeping on the most comfortable spot on my bed! It's a good thing that I've had a very well-rested night (12 hours, to be exact...) if not, just watching him would induce anyone to zzzzzzzzz...
It IS Sunday after all, and everyone is entitled to do whatever they like!

love, n

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