Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old T to New Necklace

I have been seeing tutorials online on making use of old tee-shirts, turning them into something completely different, and I've been toying with this idea for the longest time. I was clearing my wardrobe and decided to rip apart 2 of my favorite tees from Zara to try.

1. Cut away collar and sleeve. "Open" up the tee.
2. Cut long stripes. Try it with 1" stripes, see if you like the thickness after you pull the material, so that it curls up.

This was a first time for me too, so it's really just an experiment. I cut up both tees, and ended up with quite abit of excess material.

3. Arrange the stripes in a way that you would like it to be worn. Necklace, bracelet, etc.
As you can see, I braided mine too.
I shall try again when I get hold of more tees... ;)

How was your weekend?
love, n

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