Thursday, May 1, 2014

Coaster Giveaway winners!

It's time to draw the winners!
For those who have shared the post (I LOVE YOU GUYS!) - will have 2 chances instead of 1 =)
I honestly don't know how the other bloggers do this, but some use the "True Random Number Service", which I have always used. I assign numbers to the participants according to what I see when I click on my page, and then use that Number Generator!

1. Sharon Min Ah Ng
2. Evelyn Tan
3. Daphne Foo
4. Gilbert Kong
5. Labelle Luo
6. Sonia Tan
7. Julie Ng
8. Jinq Yi
9. Thong Meng Mei
10. Chu'Ai Kate
11. Yingxiu Liu
12. Henry Neo
13. Pamela Kong
14. Christine Pang
15. Shawna Lam
16. Lily Suraini
17. Natalie Tiong Dun Lin
18. Nini Khan
19. Ming Min
20. Nazeera Cornelius
21. Peter Wong
22. Shi Qi
23. Arjun Adhikari
24. Jenny Chang
25. Mary-Anne Lee
26. Catherine SooSean
27. Fida
28. Dilys
29. Cecilia Tay
30. Juliah Bee
31. Shufen Tham
32. Amanda Zhou
33. Natalie Tiong (shared)
34. Gilbert Kong (shared)
35. Sharon Min Ah Ng (shared)

Yay!! Congratulations to the winners =) I will be in touch with you guys! Please be patient with me ^^
Thank you guys again
Have a great weekend!

xoxo, n

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