Friday, July 19, 2013

Girl's Survival Kit

I love pouches. That's no secret, of course. I also believe that every girl needs an emergency kit in a pretty pouch wherever she goes. My little pouch's contents have saved quite a few friends to this date, and I'm always very proud of it! Haha =)

So what do I have in this trusty lil' pouch?
- Sanitary Pads/Tampons (SO important!)
- Mini nail-clipper
- Contact Lens storage case
- Contact Lens travel solution
- Wet wipes (sometimes)
- Travel perfume stick
- Eyeliner
- Lip Balm
- Pills! (painkillers, flu, motion-sickness)
- Band aids
- Alcohol Swab
- Hairbands

So... from my previous post, I have already admitted that I'm thinking of Christmas gifts already! And for my close friends, I'm most likely doing up mini girl's survival kits for them.

From TidyMom, her contents are similar to mine, plus spare house key, cough drops, nail file, tweezers and a cute pen!

From another blog, author Nicole says to have mini toothbrush/mouthwash, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, mini deodorant and tissue.

So for my girlfriends, since I'm going have to make quite a few (at least 8), I need to pick just a few for them to start off with.
- mini nail clipper
- band aids
- cute pen
- hair clip/bands
- contact lens solution travel size / nail file

Yup, I shall do that!
love, n

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