Saturday, May 26, 2012

First clay-making session!

I've just come back from my first session with Pei Li. I enjoyed myself very much, although my neck does ache a little now, haha :)
Today we painted the board, added some aged look to it. Shaped the clay using the mould. The mould was given to me. I didn't know it was provided, so it was a very pleasant surprise!
It may not sound like much, but just shaping the clay (even using the mould) took me 2 full hours!
She will be guiding me on painting techniques and applying them to the clay on my next session. I cannot wait!

Oh, did I also mention that she's very nice? Patient and very clear in her explanations. Thanks Pei Li!

This Raspberry Jelly is new to her collection, and I'm absolutely thrilled to have this as a gift!

love, n

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