Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have been so busy lately, having started working full-time again. I get all these craft ideas and the thoughts of sewing during the day in the office, but whenever I finally get myself home, all I want to do is to slouch in front of the tv and not move!
It's terrible, I know.

Hence, I've decided to focus on making just a few types of things - maybe pouches and drawstring bags. Or maybe pouches and little plushies. That way, I can get better at making those by specializing.
Hopefully I can get my sewing muse back. Muse, wherever you are, please come back to me soon!

In May, I'm going for a little workshop to learn to make those amazing tiny miniatures (see below). Pei Li is a genius! See her website here.

Photo source

Check her page out! Support handmade :)

Hope to post up some new pouches soon...

love, n

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