Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stamping madness!

Hello people!

I've always wanted to try making my own stamps from wooden blocks and rubber pads. Yesterday, I found a rubber pad from Daiso meant to carve out your own stamp!
I grabbed one right away and brought out my tools...
Tools, you say?
Well, you need a sharp knife (not too big, depending on the size of the stamp) and alot of patience :) Those curved knife meant for carving would be awesome too.

First, I drew the picture I want on the rubber pad with a pen. I chose something real simple.
Then you start carving!
I wanted the entire bird outline, so I had to carve out the inside too. The eye part was a little tricky.
Just carve out the rest cleanly so that the ink doesn't get on unwanted parts of the stamp.
Then, find an ink pad, or you could just paint it... or even run your marker (that doesn't dry too quickly) over it and stamp away!
This birdie is my first attempt.
(Whale) you be my valentine?
My 2nd attempt! I'm trying lots more, so I need more rubber :) to save money, you can always buy erasers in bulk. Look up on craft blogs for inspirations on what to carve.
When I get better at this, I'll carve a "love, n" stamp :)

love, n

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