Thursday, February 23, 2012

So What?

This fantastic piece of art is created by Victor Tan. Click here to read about him.
It's titled "So What?" to show that, you may encounter so much good and bad, but in the end of the day, you could just shrug your shoulders and go "So What?" so what if people say you aren't good enough? So what if you had a bad day? Just shake it off and be at peace with yourself :)

He has a solo exhibition at the Sculpture Squre (155 Middle Road) from 29th Feb till 3rd March. Trust me, you wouldn't regret making a trip down to see his works.

He's a friend of my uncle, and he knew my sister and I since we were little girls. I've only visited him at his workshops a few times before, (the above photo taken just yesterday) but every time I chance upon his work all over Singapore, I feel humbled and awed.

I hope you can make the trip down to the exhibition and see this for yourself.

love, n

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