Friday, January 13, 2012


I've just added a new photo album on my Facebook page - Ready Made!
These are all readily available in 1 piece each (unless otherwise stated) and are ready to be delivered immediately. I've also introduced some new fabrics which are of the Premium Collection. Why premium? Because they're more expensive than the usual, prettier and also limited in stock.

Here are some of the ready-made ones :) Interested? Drop me an email to order!

Coasters! $6/pair

Red Strawberries w Pink White Polka Dots $10
Pouch: Dark Grey with House Prints + White Blue Polka Dots $10
Pouch: [Premium] Vintage Big Blue Rose Prints + White Blue Polka Dots $15
Makeup Pouch: [Premium] Cream Japanese Dolls + Vintage Pink w White Flowers $20
Makeup Pouch $15

love, n

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