Monday, July 20, 2015

Public Garden at Artspace@Helutrans


What a hectic yet fulfilling weekend :) I made friends, and most importantly, I achieved one of my goals by being a seller at a Public Garden (and definitely more to come).

To be very honest, I didn't have enough products so the week prior to the PG, this elf was real busy! With alot of support from family and friends, I did it!

I had really good feedback on this fabric clutch. Seems like I wasn't the only who loves the goldfish print!

only for $40!
I'm currently on the hunt for more of this Goldfish print. Hoping to update with good news :)
and so I made one more in another combination of fabrics!

I recruited an assistant elf (my sister) and both of us reached this near god-forsaken place opposite the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station around noon. I'm really glad I chose Public Garden because the sellers taking part are serious about their craft. Besides, PG has good marketing and also a set of followers who would visit wherever they are when they can!

Ta da!

Really fortunate to have so many supportive friends and of course my family, coming all the way to say hi and buy me food! I had so much food that I had to bring home to share and eat for the next day's breakfast :)

There were very positive feedback, especially for the clutch. There are quite a few people asking to attach a long strap to it to make it into a sling, so it's hands-free - I AM looking for a gorgeous good quality chain to go with it currently. I'm quite fussy because if my customer is paying $40 for the clutch, I want the best quality of chain that budget can afford - especially one that doesn't tarnish with time.

Phew! It was a tiring weekend, but I would do it again anytime. In fact... I have something up my sleeve ;) Will update on that soon!

xoxo, nadine

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