Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Drawstring bags

I enjoy making drawstring bags because the feeling of pulling the strings/ropes when it's done, and it works perfectly, is of... Great satisfaction.
Ok I probably don't really make much sense, but this is why I enjoy making things. I'm usually very focused when I'm sewing or creating something (unless, of course, I'm distracted by Sherlock, my latest addiction), I find myself zoning out to everything else. When it's done and it fits what I had in mind, I would want to show it off to Mum right away.
Anyhooo... These drawstring bags are ordered by a supportive customer. I consider myself extremely lucky to have these customers, always coming to me to get customized stuff, and thus, forcing me to experiment and try new things! It's very important because sometimes I do need some motivation and this works just fine for me :)
Love, n

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