Thursday, April 18, 2013

Origami Drawstring Pouch

Oh, it's been a looooooong while... but I'm back! I can't promise constant blogging though, but at least I'm still sewing :P

I've made this Origami Drawstring Pouch a long time ago for my sister, and she used it for her Fujifilm Polaroid camera and it fits snugly. So when my brother's friend needed something for hers, I decided to do this again.

I love the pockets on the outside. It's made from a huge piece of cloth, so after folding and sewing into that 7" pouch, it's actually rather thick - good enough for a camera, but of course, it's not meant for any real protection except from scratches. In fact, I always tell my customers that even though the laptop sleeves are padded (some even ask for double padding), that it's not enough to protect the laptop should you drop it.

I'm selling it at $28.

 This is for my brother's friend. I really hope she likes it. She chose the exterior fabric herself.

This is an order from a repeat customer - Janna, an instagram friend and bunny lover. Hey, any animal-lover is my friend :) That said, no compliment is better than a repeat customer. I'm really lucky to have such support! Fabrics chosen by her as well. Turned out really well, yay!

love, n

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