Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Polka Dot Bow Giveaway

I'm closing the little giveaway!

I have decided to make this current batch into brooch-pins. However, the next batch will be even more awesome! I will be making double bow, with wire in the bow so the shape can be held when it's worn as a hair clip. Right now, the bows are flat, so they look better as pin-ons :)

Pin it on your bag, blouse, anything!

Those that took part in the giveaway are:
1. Tan Keith
2. Chan Fong Ying
3. Shanice Foh
4. Margaret Tan
5. Joanna Schwarz
6. Noraini Ibrahim
7. Jenefer Wong
8. Janna Sweetpea
9. Sonia Tan
10. Nicholas Issac Nakajima Yu

Here's the random roll:

Congratulations winners!
- Margaret
- Jenefer
- Joanna

Thank you for your support!!!
Please drop me an email at [ madewithlove.n@gmail.com ] with your postal address!

love, n

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